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Miami Lakes Accountant IRS Transcripts

Miami Lakes Accountant IRS Transcripts.  Do you need back year’s tax transcripts? Thought you would have to wait forever to receive? We found a solution for you!!

 IRS now has a link for you to get your transcripts on line. Just click here to get it.

They are going to ask you a few questions to confirm your Identity.

  This process is divided into 2 sections.

 First section consists of 4 to 5 questions.

 You need to know what your social security number.

Address you put on the last tax return you filed.

What status you put on the return.  How did you file?  Married, SINGLE, HEAD OF HOUSE HOLD OR MARRIED FILED SEPARATE

Birthday is also required.


Hialeah Accountant will help get IRS Transcripts

    Asking about your credit history is the second part of the process.  Here is a sample of the questions they will ask. How much is a car or house payment.  Bank or finance company you make the payment to

If you do have a payment, just click “do not have”. This will complete the verification process. Once complete you can either have the transcripts sent by email. Email service should take 15 minutes. Sending to your address is the other solution.   They only send to the address that is reported on your tax return.

   Are you confused on the transcript process? Have questions about your tax return.  Tried to call Internal Revue Services but no one would answer the phone. We have the solution for you.

                     Corey Accounting Service is the answer for you.  An experienced accountant will assist you.  We have been assisting client since 1985. We file all federal, state and corporate tax returns.  They are an authorized E-FILE PROVIER since 1990.

Every tax return is E-FILED.  All forms need to make sure you get the best tax return with out and IRS Audit letter.

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