Hialeah Miami Lakes Accountant will Save you Money

Hialeah Miami Lakes Accountant

Not Using will Cost your Money to the IRS

Open your corporation or Limited Liability Company wrong will  cost both time and money.

How will it save you money.

Have you prepared your income tax return. Sent it out in the mail.  The return get delayed because you make a mistake.

The mistake could be for several reasons.   One could you be you did not you the correct forms to prepare the tax return. Internal Revenue correct the return and sent you the refund.

Want to start a business.  Went online and filed out the forms and never got a res ponce back

Hialeah Miami Lakes Accountant. Not used will cost you money

Hialeah Miami Lakes Accountant. Not used will cost you money

from the Florida Department Of Corporation.  You just lost time and money.

Filed the company tax return after the due date. The IRS made you pay late fees and fines.

This would not happen with an experienced Accountant.

They know the dates to send in the returns so you will not have to pay late fees .

Forms are filed correctly most of the time on the first time to the state. Should it comes back knows the answers to correct it.

If you are looking for Accountant you can trust. Do not30 minute Free Consultation

know who to turn to we have the answer for you. Corey Accountants have been assisting their clients since 1985.  An authorized IRS E-FILED PROVIDER.  Will get you the best tax refund with you getting an Internal Revenue Services audit letter.   Open your corporation in as little as 15 minutes.  Answer all your questions before  you open it.   

They have experienced accountant staff to insure all of your issues are done correctly . Free consultation /
Office is easy to find from anywhere  in Miami Lakes,Hialeah,Hialeah Gardens,Miami,Doral just off 826 at NW 122 st exit.  Phone is 305-823-9228. Email albert@1040w2.com

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