TOP ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE BRANDS REVIEW.  Do you know what the difference in the top ecigs brands.  Do not have the time to do the research. Spend your hard money to find which one could be for you. If  the answer is yes you have come to the right place. We will do the investigation so you do not have to. Our team will give a straight and honest report so consumers can make educated decisions.

Comparison Top Electronic Cigarette Brands

Top Electronic Cigarette brands

Top Electronic Cigarette Brands

Depending on which websites you visit, the top 3 e cigarette brands are disputably V2, Blu Cigs, and Environment-friendly Smoke. There are numerous models on the market. Read just how these three brands as opposed to each other.

V2 Cigs Long Similarities

A lot of   users are grateful that their e cigs seem like typical cigarettes. Anybody converting from initial to digital smoking cigarettes understands it is very important that there not be too many changes at the same time. Cigarettes can also resemble the old-style smokes.


Each brand name does the exact same thing. They  warms fluid nicotine to provide vapor using battery power. Instead of burning tobacco, consumers are warming a flavorful fluid. All three brands provide a lot of flavor varieties . Type of consisting of tobacco, menthol, and specialized tastes.






Top Electronic cigarette brands offer you selections that are scrupulous or traditional taste. Where V2 Cigs sticks out is in their included option that includes chocolate. They are likewise kept in mind for a smooth draw.  Blu has something uncommon amongst flavors with a Peach Schnapps.

Beginner Kits

Blu Cigs, Eco-friendly Smoke starter kit. V2 all make money-saving starter sets. These are kits which feature a wall charger, USB adapter, e cigarette, cartridges, battery (or batteries), and other items crucial to the novice’s encounter. Prices vary and so do the materials


V2 offers consumers a life time service warranty.  This reveals that they support their products.  Blu Cigs Eco-friendly Smoke also  has a one year service warranty . This suggest that they back their products and value clients. . Where sector criteria are concerned this is suitable, however it does not measure up to V2 or Green Smoke.



V2 comes out the clear victor of battery power. A lot of batteries provide less than 4 volts. V2 makes use of a 4.2 volt battery offering customers much more rewarding vapor with every puff. Their clients could likewise decide on in between hand-operated and automated batteries. Why go for manual batteries when the stick can do all you desire without any effort on your component? An automated battery is triggered by puffing, meaning the liquid is not as warm as maybe. With a manual the vapor is heated up before you puff. There is no hold-up and additional vapor.

V2 Cigs has three battery lengths. The bigger your battery is, the more vamping you could do prior to recharging it.


Color selections may not impact the energy or vapor of an e cigarette. Customers like to have selections. If you do not like a lot of options, V2 is not for you. Their listing of shades and choices can be way too much. Especially true  when you go on to Vapor Couture (their slim brand name geared towards female cigarette smokers).  if you like  your e cig with style and is accessory and a declaration of personality as it is a vamping device, V2  Cigs would be your brand. Select from 4 battery colors vs. two from Blu Cig and two from Green Smoke.

Past the Specification

There are sector requirements which supply safety to consumers of e cigarettes. Nicotine fluid is made from FDA-approved active ingredients. Where V2 exceeds requirements is by providing batch screening at their center. If there is something wrong with your cartridge, they are returnable.

Blu Cigs offer something that matters to American smokers: American-made tastes.

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